DRESS_CODE Collection

design gumdesign
“ The round and square shapes and the interaction of the two, the oval shape. The circle is a symbol of continuity, of the cyclic nature of things and therefore the relationship with time, seasons, the everyday. The square represents space”

DRESS_CODE is inspired by the canons of haute - couture, playing with the combinations of colours, between structure and seat, with the textures of indoor and outdoor fabrics and with their processing: in addition to the smooth, sheet - like fabric, we propose a square quilted version, as well as a wave - shaped and padded one; quilting and padding are both a graphic element and a source of greater comfort. The concept of matching set is also borrowed from the world of fashion. DRESS_CODE includes also a family of casual coffee tables, to be used individually or in partial overlapping of heights and shapes next to the DRESS_CODE seat. Metal tops, HPL, in addition to the innovative carbonated cork, rest on the base made in coa ted metal with a tubular section like the armchair of the same name: to furnish our rooms dedicated to relaxing with unusual glam.
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