Konieczny's Ark

No definition can describe the residential building of Konieczny's Ark that did not include the word "infinite". Not only for the spectacular view which can be enjoyed from its windows, but also for the vast landscape that surrounds it, in a rural quiet, peaceful and far from the urban atmosphere.

Designed by the architect Robert Konieczny, leader and founder in 1999 of the architectural studio KWC Promes, the particular structure of the house is due to a twist, so that only a corner touches the ground, while the other part remains clinging to the ridge of the hill. The shape is a strong reminder to the figure of the barn.

An observer could refer to the house as an ark floating on the endless green of the lawn.

The interior is a perfect combination of natural, sophisticated, harmonious design, totally unexpected if we were to stop on the doorstep. If so, we would not discover the Vanity chairs of S•CAB, designed by Arter & Citton where we could sit and admire the landscape and get lost in the infinity of this contemporary ark.

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