KM90 RistoBottega Emiliana

In the province of Parma, Fidenza, a RistoBottega has been recently opened. It does not only embodies, but also enhances the pleasure of good food and the typical conviviality of the territory.
Its name is KM90 RistoBottega, because its customers will never find a food produced more than 90 kilometres away. It is point for those who spend time for shopping at Fidenza Outlet Village.
The gorgeous building housing KM90 RistoBottega is an open space that allows customers to enjoy the meals as an experience all round: they can taste Emilian cuisine at the dedicated food points, sitting on chairs and stools Isy Technopolymer gathered around by the Cross tables or on Natural Maxi Diva with Natural Tiffany, or on the outdoor terrace furnished with Raffaello tables and Gala chairs; buy it for home or attend in real time to a large part of its preparations, thanks to some open kitchens. KM90 RistoBottega is the ideal location to enjoy the pleasure of eating well together, where S•CAB could not miss with its pieces of made in Italy design.
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