Banfi Piemonte

Banfi Piemonte was born from the combination between the secular Piedmont’s wine tradition and the deep enological culture learned from the experience of Castello Banfi, situated among the Tuscan hills of Montalcino (SI).
In the intentions of its founders, Banfi Piemonte wants to highlight the most prestigious denominations of the southern part of the region, expressing in each bottle a strong link with the territory and the highest quality of the wine production.
In the company, are bottled labels such as Cortese, Brachetto and Dolcetto and numerous varieties of sparkling wines.
Banfi Piemonte is located in Alessandria in an estate rich of history and beauty. The Metropolis table with tempered glass top and the Ginevra chairs of S•CAB were chosen for furnishing the indoor spaces.

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