L’Arte Contadina

In addition of being the name of the restaurant, L’Arte Contadina also reflects its philosophy. Located in the magnificent little town of Sammichele di Bari, its dehors has recently been restyled to make the location even more welcoming and in relation with the beauty of the surrounding area. Partially covered by a pergola, the outdoor space has been enhanced by painting the wooden frame in white to give brightness to the whole environment. The cleansing of the stone and the addition of customized decorations along the walls have given a touch of hospitality and joviality to the atmosphere of the restaurant. In L’Arte Contadina, among the elements of the furniture, you can find Più chairs of S•CAB, which are perfectly combined with the other products. Thanks to the soft curves, Più chairs have contributed in transforming the design of the restaurant into an experience of comfort and functionality.

Project: S&R Carlone Architects of K1artStudio
Photos: K1artStudio
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