Lords of Verona

From the reinterpretation of the territory come Lords of Verona Luxury Apartments. The complex is in Piazza dei Signori, one of the most evocative spots of the city and a meeting point for tourists and young people. The 32 luxury apartments enclosed in the splendid setting of the Casa della Pietà and its Medieval Tower have taken shape thanks to the project of interior and lighting design by architect Simone Micheli, who created this unique work of art to welcome the guests in a refined atmosphere. There are different types of apartments in which you can stay, but elegance and authenticity indistinctly guide the space. In the large and energizing living area, the ME seats by S•CAB find their ideal spot. The night area is delicate and welcoming. The grey and the different shades of white, also found in the YOU armchairs, blend in order to give shape to a place that offers tranquillity but never stasis.

Interior and lighting design project: Simone Micheli
Photoshoot: Jürgen Eheim

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