In the heart of Milan rises OTIVM, a 400 sqm restaurant. From an idea of N+M Design Studio, a venue born to amaze.

In a building designed by Gio Ponti in the centre of Milan and more precisely close to the famous Piazza Cordusio, the architects and designers of N+M Design Studio find the right inspiration to create a restaurant that revolutionizes and transforms the classic architectural standards. The project inspired by De Chirico mixes the principles of interior design with the purely architectural ones. OTIVM, the restaurant in question, designed and created by Valerio Tremiterra with other partners, is characterized by a strong theatrical and surrealist atmosphere. Arches with clean and neoclassical lines have been specially created to emphasize and create perspective, accentuated by a background of yellow/orange tones that aims to create deliberately undefined images that play on the free interpretation of the observer. And it is in this seductive and metaphysical atmosphere that more elements are inserted, like the elegant S•CAB Lisa armchairs, here presented in total white and total blue colours in a chequered pattern.

OTIVM is therefore a venue, a restaurant created to break the mould, an environment outlined by surrealist references, by physical shapes that open the doors to metaphysical dimensions, by lines, colours, and various elements that live and move thanks to the artistic vision and attention of Nick Maltese and the architects of N+M DesignStudio. The high quality of the cuisine represented by Chef Gianluca Rosano Wayne completes the whole concept, and today we can say that OTIVM has already become a destination for celebrities from all over the world.

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