Si-Si - Design interprets the pleasure of being outdoors

S•CAB for contract 2020

Vegetation that grows luxuriantly even when the calendar would dictate otherwise, offering the user the relaxing and regenerating power of greenery at all times: this time S•CAB, to define its products, chooses the Green House model, which, borrowed from other latitudes, have now become a creative inspiration for local interior design of venues and restaurants, where you can pleasantly enjoy your time. The leap is short between the jungle effect recreated with decorative materials and the real immersion in the natural elements; even in shared spaces, the focus balances the principles of functionality with the feelings of well-being typically sought within the walls of your home. The boundaries between outdoors and indoors fall and, to this new need, S•CAB responds with the technical contents and aesthetic lightness of the new 2020 products: the SI-SI family of chairs, the TRICK barstool, both designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, and the TRIPÉ table system designed by RadiceOrlandini DesignStudio.
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