The second subject of the S•CAB campaign is a metaphorical journey

The new S•CAB advertising campaign by Elena Caponi and Marco Strina brings the Si-Si Barcode chairs designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati onto the scene of an imaginary film set.

The ‘Spettacolo Quotidiano’ (Daily Show) by S•CAB continues with an oneiric and surreal second act where chairs are again the protagonists, this time in the chapter dedicated to the outdoors. If life is a dream, let’s fully enjoy the illusion of a dazzling green sky, crossed by a paper airplane, appreciating the daily luxury of small things.

Like the previous one, the second subject of the campaign is published on S•CAB’s social media; the Instagram stories host ‘teaser’ images, while the creativity is fully revealed through many posts. The backstage videos of the photo shoot are instead published on Facebook and in the brand’s Instagram stories.

In the coming months, the new creativity dedicated to the S•CAB outdoor collections will populate the very rich calendar of the major interior design portals and magazines both in Italy and abroad.
Let the show begin.
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