Campaign S•CAB22: perspectives for a new image

S•CAB’s 2022 media campaign launches, centred around the brand-new DRESS_CODE chair designed by gumdesign.

‘The daily relax’ is the name of the concept of the new S•CAB advertising campaign, curated like last year by Elena Caponi and Marco Strina, based on the concept of relaxation as a physical and mental experience. Metaphysical geometry that stimulates the imagination acts as the background for silhouettes wrapped in a simple elegance that when seen against the light reveal to be characters of a classic literature, far from fashions and everyday consumption, witnesses of S•CAB’s unalterable values ​​and principles.

April features the launch of the new advertising campaign, a schedule full of diversified releases with S•CAB, which will be the protagonist not only in the most important interior design magazines, but also on numerous Italian and international online platforms and in dedicated social media campaigns. On the brand’s official social media channels, you will see not only the backstage videos of the advertising campaign, but also many product details in a kaleidoscope of images, inspirations, and sounds. All this to underline the versatility of DRESS_CODE, a timeless project that fits elegantly into any setting, indoor or outdoor.
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