Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 - The grain of our origin

At the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, S•CAB celebrates matter and its evolution in a dreamlike stand.

S•CAB’s new products on display within a stand that combines the power of synthesis of architecture with the evocative power of imagery.

The concept conceived by Architect Luca Piatti together with Luisa Battaglia, S•CAB’s Art Director and co-owner, points the spotlight at the material component of the brand’s outdoor and indoor products, which, combined with creative ideas, generates every project. It is also a tribute to the company’s strong initial specialization in the processing of plastic materials, whose original characteristics have evolved over time up to the recent developments of reuse and sustainable conversion. A specific know-how that gave life to the company’s history: artisan expertise is a method, which is then applied to the various materials that formed S•CAB’s collections. ‘This year we thought of a stand that would introduce the visitors to imaginary worlds, an invitation to explore a new dimension that traces our constant commitment to offer furniture solutions that are increasingly aimed at respecting the environment, of which HUG by Meneghello Paolelli Associati is an example.’ said Luisa Battaglia.

The visitor discovers symbolic microworlds: 4 large hemispheres, open to the outside, each with its own mood recreated using the wallpapers designed by Styl’Editions; here the new collections find expression: DRESS_CODE by gumdesign, lounge armchair that plays with the combinations of colours, textures, and shapes of frame and seat, with coordinated tables; HUG, by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, a chair designed according to sustainability criteria which in the armchair version is enriched with a harmonious and decorative band element; Squid, by RadiceOrlandini DesignStudio, in the extendable version, an extension of the range of the popular family of tables in their biggest version, where the production logic has inspired the aesthetics.

Other environments follow one another along an internal path that crosses the entire exhibition space: three cocoon corners where single-colours welcome the products already in the collection. Each niche is characterized by a colour: mustard, terracotta, and light green that cover the furniture, ceiling, and flooring, and constitute a pause in the use of the previous language, to allow you to move on to the next stimulus. Gem of the set-up: the environment dedicated to Lisa Swing has been designed to immerse the visitors in a poetic imaginative world and make them part of the scene thanks to the use of large images that reproduce a magical space in an enchanted world. A way to fully express the dreamlike concept of the swing, a childhood memory, which has the lightness and dimension of dreams in its DNA.

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