The worlds of Future Habit(At) are on stage at Archiproducts Milano: S•CAB is one of them.

Future Living is Still at Home at Archiproducts Milano. How will we inhabit the spaces of tomorrow? In Future Habit(At) the future looks to explore new answers to the same big questions. The furnishings, solutions and ideas in the new exhibition transform the 15 Rooms at Archiproducts in via Tortona 31 into possible visions of living in the future.

The Room in terrace, signed by S•CAB in collaboration with Studio Salaris, expresses a character and an atmosphere made of colours, materials and surfaces. An unexpected rupture, a surprising incursion, welcomes visitors to an outdoor space where plants, lighting and furnishings create a situation of relaxation and respite. Archiproducts Milano is the Design Centre. A hybrid and dynamic conetworking space that welcomes Professionals, Architects, Interior Designers and Design lovers in pursuit of the best inspiration.

The exhibition will last one year, from April 2022 to March 2023.

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