Salone del Mobile 2017 - S•CAB: the mood of the stand.

A large structure, clean and linear, marked by a central promenade, leading through the visions that S•CAB has created for its 60th anniversary. The boxes contain ideal settings, suggesting how to best interpret the indoor and outdoor living products presented.
S•CAB is enriched with forms and materiality, unusual finishes for living spaces or not, yet contemporary. Natural materials, tactile materials, and metal structures are combined with innovative plastics, giving life and vitality to the new collections. Following these suggestions the exhibition space created by the Architect Luca Piatti for the Salone del Mobile 2017 expresses a true interpretation of Casa SCAB's ideas. The architecture of the stand tells the new indoor direction initiated by the company. The architect Piatti has designed a product recognition path, starting with the historical collections, arriving at what's new in 2017, in a continuous unfolding of history. The large central promenade recounts how, within the S•CAB collections, the plastic product surpasses itself, to elevate it to a design object designed and produced under the banner of great aesthetic and cultural quality.
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