Salone del Mobile 2018 - S•CAB: symposium Italian-style

At the Salone del Mobile 2018, S•CAB will showcase its own made in Italy modern spin on the ancient concept of the SIMPOSIO, set within the contract arena. A vast white architectural canvas and colored boxes delimit and punctuate the flow of the space. Four cubicles showcase different environments, four ways of interpreting indoor and outdoor living spaces. The 1950' home inspired pastel walls highlight the enthralling and convivial style of S•CAB's latest product lines. The extremely clean form of the cubicle, the accentuated interior perspective, and few décor accessories effectively draw the eye to the product. Architect Luca Piatti created a series of shop windows to house settings that showcase different core aspects of S•CAB, its study of forms and materials. Three sight lines intersect, perpendicularly. The two rooms in the front, which lack back walls, connect with those behind them and create an uninterrupted spatial flow. The long central isle connects and anchors the different living spaces in the stand. Hence visitors will be able to experience real life situations, like having breakfast in style, seated on Lisa chairs, relax and enjoy lunch comfortably seated on stylish Alice chairs, or take an outdoor beak (afternoon tea, snacks or cocktails) on Vela chaise lounges, or even indulge in the pleasures of summer happy hour with the Summer line patio set, which includes tables. Each room features a memorable saying in large letters, which draws us into its mood.
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