S•CAB in total white for CELACENA2018 | in collaboration with Gianluca Pasotti - designer

For the first day of summer, Corso Zanardelli in Brescia was painted white for the “Celacena” event, an immense banquet en plein air in the name of conviviality. White: the colour of the dress code of the participants, of the lavish feast, and of the furnishings that each fellow diner has brought to the event. S•CAB participated in the evening by setting up, in collaboration with Gianluca Pasotti, a small symposium where it could share its idea of sharing, beauty, and style. The mise en place was a praise to candour, accentuated by the presence of mirrors, candles, and roses, to evoke a design of interior despite being in an open space. Ginevra was chosen for the seats, the perfect furniture to give elegance and style.


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