Accessories Collection

design Ionna Vautrin
The Mimosa family of accessories is designed to showcase vegetation within our living spaces. As if suspended in levitation, these rounded supports welcome floral compositions or ornamental plants, while the sinuous tube connecting the trays evokes the idea of a root or rhizome with a line. Lively and colourful, these plant holders can be placed in a corner, against a wall, or wall-mounted, infusing softness and a sense of coziness into any environment. With a strong graphic impact, ethereal yet generous, this timeless duo of vases recalls both in silhouette and in the play of shades the morphology of a flower in its connection between peduncle and corolla. Suitable for accommodating diverse floral compositions, both rustic and refined, the Mimosa vases enhance the presence of flowers, making them protagonists of our daily lives.
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