Future is green

From the production process to a dedicated collection, for an increasingly green catalogue.
A concrete effort to ensure a better future. S•CAB supports environmental awareness and reduces waste.

This triggers a virtuous process: new plastic is not introduced into the environment and at the same time potentially polluting waste materials are recovered. From raw material to product. From product to waste. From waste to recycled material. From recycled material to new product.
A continuous and perpetual reuse cycle.

Hence the GO GREEN collection, made of certified regenerated plastic (Post Consumer Industrial Plastic, or PCR): obtained from the processing and regeneration of end-of-life products (plastic bottles or food packaging), waste derived from recycling, and industrial waste (production residues).

The plastic is certified as recycled and obtained thanks to the use of energy generated from renewable sources. The product will have a superior qualitative and ethical value, a characteristic that is particularly appreciated in the contract sector where resistance and durability are two key elements.

Sustainable textile

Eco-friendly fibres and certified quality for the new sustainable fabrics made mainly with yarns from recycled waste and PET bottles.

Waste is recovered, reworked, and transformed into new products in compliance with environmental and social standards extended to all stages of the production chain.

Nautical rope

100% recyclable polyester, dope-dyed, non-toxic, resistant and easy to maintain.

Regenerated plastic

New plastic is not introduced into the environment and at the same time potentially polluting waste materials are recovered.

Recycled and 100% sustainable natural cork

FSC® Certified Wood

The product is manufactured with wood supplied with origin certification from well and responsibly managed forests.

FSC® certification mark guarantees that the whole wood-paper chain, which is compliant with its standards, derives from an environmentally respectful forest management, socially useful and economically sustainable.


Designing today means drawing a sustainable tomorrow by taking action in all company areas to reduce waste and ensure that every process pursues this goal, which has become a concrete commitment.
A perpetual dialogue between principles, evaluations, and solutions to produce and live responsibly. Thus, every single S•CAB product component is easy to disassemble and dispose of.

Each plastic element bears the identification mark according to ISO 11469:2001 and provides simple instructions for its recycling. High performance and high-quality standards are safely guaranteed by processes and production.

Bando transizione 4.0

ASSE VI - Priorità di investimento 13i - Azione RA3.1
"Finanziato nell'ambito della risposta dell'Unione alla pandemia di COVID-19"

SCAB GIARDINO S.P.A. ha intrapreso a partire dal 2022 un progetto volto a garantire il raggiungimento di obbiettivi di crescita ambiziosi quali l'aumento della capacità produttivia e della competitività di mercato, la riorganizzazione del layout produttivo e l'ottimizzazione della logistica aziendale e supply chain, e l'efficientamento generale del ciclo produttivo attraverso anche l'utilizzo efficiente delle risorse e dei materiali di produzione. Per realizzare il progetto ha acquistato: un nuovo impianto di verniciatura 4.0, un nuovo ERP aziendale e nuovo impianto fotovoltaico.

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