Spring’s rebirth, and with it the desire for vitality that accompanies the return of this season, inspires and animates S•cab’s 2024 new products. Seizing that surge of momentum that follows the end of winter, these proposals celebrate not only the arrival of a new bloom, but also a dynamic window of opportunity eagerly directed towards the future.
New products are primarily designed to inhabit and populate the outdoor world. Their presence takes on the value of an invitation: to take advantage of the open air, the scents of a garden, the first rays of sun. Without limiting themselves to a single use potential, they leverage their versatility to find their place even in indoor spaces, where they stand out for their warm contemporary minimalism.
Despite the diversity of visions and morphologies, the furnishings adapt naturally – just like a flower swaying with the wind – to the dimensions of the environments and the styles with which they coexist. Each piece, in its own way, is designed to bridge a gap, to build a relationship: as in the case of the armchairs and chaise longues that fit into a seating island, the poufs and coffee tables that provide new support spaces, or the complements that enhance the vegetation of our daily lives.


Get inspired by the Made in Italy design
Hanza office building
Riga – Latvia
Bari - Italy
Neo Hotel
Oía, Santorini - Greece
Hotel Palace Tirso
Cagliari - Italy
Bergamo - Italy
Quintale Restaurant
Erbusco, Brescia - Italy


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