Began in 1957, S•CAB is the story of a company and a family, now extended to the third generation, born from the intuition and passion of its founder Cav. Francesco Battaglia.
A brand that is known and appreciated all over the world.

A significant accomplishment and cause for celebration for S•CAB, a producer of furniture and accessories since 1957, which has been listed in the Special Register of Historic Trademarks of National Interest.
S•CAB is the story of an enterprise whose origins animate the transformations of today. This is proven by the black and white images showing the start of works on the industrial sheds in the 1950s: a suggestive photo story that speaks of passion, respect, and hard work.

The original name SCAB Design is an important legacy for the family and for the furniture industry whether it be home design or contracts indoors or outdoors: in March 2021 we decided to renew it by creating a more contemporary and pleasant logo where the highlighted S of ‘sedute’ (chairs) underlines the company’s core business.

The transition from SCAB to S•CAB represents a turning point a renewed momentum towards the future without forgetting the past emphasizing the uniqueness of the brand.

100% made in Italy

All the collections are produced in Italy in three different production facilities, spread over a total of 85,000 m2. Every technopolymer product is made internally with 30 robotic presses. In a recent past, the strong specialization in the moulding of thermoplastic materials has opened up to the use of steel, woods, and fabrics, proof of the company’s commitment to responding to the demand for customization coming in particular from applications in the contract sector.

production area
injection machines

Attention to the environment guides S•CAB towards cutting-edge and eco-friendly production techniques and processes to create an efficient and waste-free supply chain.

Every single product reveals a tireless search for the perfection of shapes and the quality of materials so much so that the company obtained the CATAS certification.
Photovoltaic system
kW of energy produced
photovoltaic panels
total area in sqm.

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