Flap Collection

design Meneghello Paolelli
FLAP by Meneghello Paolelli, the first series of modular upholstered furniture where seating elements are combined in compositions with support surfaces, similarly shortens the gap between indoor and outdoor.
The designers say, “The moveable backrest, a FLAP, which sits on the tubular structure and can rotate roughly 15 degrees on its axis, allowing the support cushion to have varying inclinations for maximum comfort, is what defines the system and gives the collection its name. The frame, supported by the Flaps, appears to wrap around the line of cushions outlining the profile of the upholstery, highlighting the continuous antagonism between the softness and “fullness” of the upholstery, and lightness and “emptiness” of the enveloping structure. The system consists of four parts that can be combined to create varying compositions. We purposefully designed a flexible solution that could be used in a variety of scenarios, both residential and commercial.
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