S•CAB renovates its offices

The offices were rationally divided, based on a design by Architect Luca Piatti: along the outer perimeter, the various operational offices are laid out according to sectors, while the central area consists of glassed-enclosed rooms intended for meetings with visitors or also for use by employees during activities requiring greater privacy. 

The rooms feature both decorative furniture, such as the Lisa Sofas and Lisa Lounges, or office solutions such as the Lady B Pop and Lisa chairs around Squid or Tiffany tables. There is also a relaxation area for a break and a coffee, where you can sit comfortably on the Trick bar stools around the Tripè high tables or on the DRESS_CODE chaise lounges. A play on contrasts between the colours of the furniture and the neutral dove-grey walls defines this area.

S•CAB once again proves to be up to step with the times and in touch with the needs of employees and collaborators, creating a harmonious and welcoming workplace.

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