AIT Megazine invited architects and interior designers to test Lisa Collection

The megazine AIT regularly present a new, architecturally relevant product, which is critically assessed and evaluated by architects and interior designers. The aim is to support firm and manufacturer in their products or materils. In the September issue  they present our Lisa Collection.

The selection of the architects:
Heidi Feustel-Seek, Studio Komo - Stuttgart
Marie-Sophie Schulte, Faculty of Architecture - Cologne
Dieter Pfannenstiel, Ellis Williams Architects - Berlin
Bettina Mc Kinney, Dension Dental - Frankfurt
Heiko Gruber, planungsburo i21 - Rüdesheim
Anja Kalusche, Duka Design - Monaco
Eike Becker_Architekten - Berlin
Kim Bobsin, sbp-Seel Bobsin Partner - Hamburg
Jean Kempf, Wohnkonzept - Monaco

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