THE ART OF LIVING WELL according to S•CAB: new creativity in 2023, concept by Marco Strina and Elena Caponi

This year marks a change of pace in the company’s marketing campaign. The brand’s distinctive light-hearted and ironic tone becomes an opportunity to present a brand-new type of product for S•CAB: the FLAP modular sofa resulting from the collaboration with Meneghello Paolelli.

The art of living well follows the extraordinary everyday life experiences staged by S•CAB for the past two years, but in a collective context. Sitting back on the sofa to think is one of those small daily pleasures that can transform your day into a metaphysical paradise somewhere between heaven and earth, up in the clouds but with your feet on the ground. Surreal but real! Light, comfortable, modular, understandable, accessible, available are the adjectives underlying the Flap project, a modular seating system designed by Meneghello Paolelli.
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